Everything you need to run a modern digital & cashless business

Pay globally with Visa

Xente offers smart virtual and physical company Visa cards that you can use to make online and offline payments wherever Visa is accepted

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Pay locally with Mobile Money

Pay staff, clients, suppliers and other stakeholders directly to their mobile money accounts

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Smart office shopping

Shop online for all your office supplies from suppliers you already know and trust. Will deliver to you.

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Easy airtime & data disbursements

Send airtime and data from all major telecoms to your staff, clients, customers and other stakeholders from one easy to use platform

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More digital & cashless tools

Pay office bills, distribute office perks like shopping vouchers & tickets and manage salary loans.

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Work smart with Xente

Business with Xente
Business without Xente
Cash management Secure digital wallet Petty cash, Cheque book
Accountability & Compliance Digital signing and approval Sign here. Sign there.
Online payments Company Visa Card Personal Visa Card
Offline payments Company issued Visa Card Cash and reimburse
Pay remote staff & stakeholders Automated mobile money in a single easy to use platform Manually send through mobile money agents
Office shopping Online shopping and FREE delivery Phone calls to suppliers or physically go to the shops
Send airtime & data to staff All airtime and data disbursed automatically from a single platform Deal with many telecoms or manually send it out

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