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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does a Xente Business Account work ?

A Xente business account is a digital account that you can use for all your office payments and shopping. With a Xente business account you can

1. Issue Virtual and Physical cards to your staff, clients and other stake holders to make online and offline payments wherever Visa is accepted

2. Make mobile money payments to 1000,s of recipients on any network in seconds

3. Shop for office or business from leading retailors country wide and have products delivered to your location

4. Disburse airtime and data to 1000, s of recipients in seconds

5. Pay office bills

6. Provide office perks like transport, ertaitaimnet and so much more

A Xente business accounts basically gives you ALL the tools you need to run a digital and cashless business

2. How do I fund my Xente Business Account ?

Funding your Xente Business Account is easy - you can

1. Send funds to following bank account Bank : ABSA Account Number: 7897890980 2. Using mobile money

3. Can I verify a Mobile Money account before sending money ?

Yes you can. After entering the mobile money number, click verify and then add the number.

4. In which countries does Xente operate

At the moment, Xente operates in

  • Uganda

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